Hire your very own

Head of Magic®️

Experts say that you only have 4 seconds to engage someone before they walk past your stand! 


Magic is undoubtedly fantastic entertainment, but it’s also a great way of telling compelling and memorable stories, which makes it a great medium for communicating brand messages.


The reason magic is so effective at making messages land is because it is incredibly emotive. Shock, awe, surprise, delight – the types of feelings you experience when watching magic actually stimulate your brain to store information about the related event and prepare it for quick recall.

  • INCREASE Tradeshow Sales Leads.

  • PRE QUALIFY New Prospects.

  • Design the BEST Free Giveaways.

  • INFO-TAIN Existing Customers.

  • BESPOKE Presentations Created.

  • NETWORKING Magic for Drinks Party.

  • BRANDED Illusions.

So at a time when an organisations stakeholders such as employees and customers are overwhelmed by the volume of messages they receive, via a number of different communications channels, cutting through the noise to make a message 'stick' is becoming ever more challenging. Add to the fact that over the last year reaching your stakeholders has mainly been through digital/virtual mediums, you may be asking yourself, how do I stand out from the crowd and engage my audience?


"A Powerful, Engaging 
 and Inspiring talk"
 J.P. De Villiers 
 Life Fitness University