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​☑️ I want to be a magic networker.
☑️ I want to tell compelling stories.
☑️ I want to learn eye popping magic.
☑️ I want to stand out at parties.
☑️ I want to Improve sales leads.
☑️ I want to deliver magic sales metaphors.
☑️ I want to surprise and delight my clients.
☑️ I want to be more confident and charismatic.  
​☑️ I want to have a trick up my sleeve.
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In my humble opinion forget about learning just tricks! It's about creating powerful and magnetic magic moments to forge strong connections with your audience at a much deeper level.


Join me, I'll teach you my mindset and give you fun challenges to inspire and stretch your goals. 

A  bit about me... 


I started a kid magician back in the summer of 1983 performing at talent shows. Since then I've learnt magic from the ground up. Fast-track forward whilst gaining my  ended Honours Degree in Visual Arts / Installation. I was making a great living with magic as a side hustle to fund my education. I then went pro in 1999.


Professionally performing as a The Deceptionist® being flown all over the world and have gained access to many otherwise unattainable clients by my specific skills and custom approach. I've beguiled many thousands of audiences and made priceless connections including  A-List Celebrities, Sporting Personalities and that of Royalty. 


Fully focused bespoke one-on-one teaching method is ideal for those who want results fast and an will use my shortcuts  gained over past 20 years that will turn you into the ultimate magic networker in just 8 weeks. 

Based on core foundation of ice-breaking magic along with other marvellous party skills. I will personally teach the basics of street magic, mind-reading, magic with cards, coins and everyday objects.


Not only that but also my key networking skills which have taken me all over the world opening many locked  doors to said 'Royalty and A list Celebrities'.


I plan challenge you, to improve your interpersonal skills, confidence and charm that you may already think that have...


You do want to be the best version of you... right?

Each lesson is tailored to suit your needs. 



Perform 'Real World Magic'.


Learn and understand the my personal theories how to to create lasting moments that will engage, astound & amaze. Magic and positive deception is a powerful form of communication and extraordinary way to deliver fun stories & metaphors which will have your clients and colleagues enthralled and wanting more. 


The course covers basic principles, deceptions and devious hidden gimmicks used by the magician to create captivating and mind-boggling effects. Or Indeed I'll take your  existing effects and make them stronger. 


My aim is to encourage lateral thinking. Stepping into my mindset of a magician.  Which will help you come up with ingenious solutions to problems in your day-to-day life. 

Be mentored with insight of one of the most renown London magicians of the past 20 years.


Learn magic gambits and top-secrets gleaned from my years of experience as a close-up magician. Give yourself a brilliant shortcut to learn

magic and my mindset super efficiently. 

> Networking Magic Effects

> Stretch Goals

> Constructive Feedback

> Bespoke Magic Suggestions

> Pro Hints / Advice

> Reading Lists

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