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Luxury Resorts / SuperYacht Magic Show
With Sav - Head of Magic

About the Show

Renowned Magician Unveils Marvellous Yacht Magic Show!


Experience an intimate but exclusive magic show designed specifically for superyachts.


Sav, your Head of Magic®, will journey from the coastline to captivate your family, guests, or charter clients with a bespoke hour-long performance.


"Sail into the Extraordinary" combines sleight of hand magic, mind-reading & audience participation.


Amazement unfolds within a laid-back ambiance, culminating in a fun and enjoyable finale. Let the magic begin on a unique entertainment experience.

Immerse yourself in a marvellous magic show with card magic, mind-reading, sleight of hand  and a fun finale.
After the show, just as quickly as Sav appeared, he will disappear—leaving spectators in awe of the witnessed magic. 'Sail into the Extraordinary'  is designed for small, intimate charter groups. Guests often invite their favorite crew members and clients  to join them in the audience.
When is 'Sail into the Extraordinary Show' best enjoyed? - We find that most people like to watch magic during the evening, at cocktail hour, or even between dinner courses. The show is performed in the salon, meaning the show can be enjoyed at any time of day or night.
Cocktails & Champagne Soirees / Luxury Resort Beach Parties - For those events where a less formal stage setting is required, Sav performs his flawless close-up magic more informally as he weaves among guests of a cocktail party on-board or at a yacht show event. Then Sav performs his mini miracles to smaller pockets of people during the event. Black tie, linens, or beach attire, Sav will be there looking sharp and bringing his warm sense of humour and slick magic to the event.

(Note : If requested Sav can join the party  as a dinner guest or offers a Private Magic Class)
Private Charter - "Head of Magic" the pinnacle of superyacht entertainment, guarantees unforgettable evenings with minimal crew assistance. Its swift setup, adaptable runtime, and worldwide accessibility make it an impeccable choice for impromptu requests. Whether your guests are adults or a diverse mix of ages, "Sail into the Extraordinary" promises an hour of wonder and delight.

Sav, the magical maestro, embarks on global travels, necessitating connecting flights and a tender for pickup from shore, unless already in port or dock. The enchanting spectacle is not limited to the confines of the yacht; it can also grace private beaches or yacht clubs, catering to groups of up to 25 guests. Larger gatherings can also relish the magical experience.
Sav collaborates exclusively with a various superyacht broker companies, and all reservations will be seamlessly handled through them. For further details and to secure your enchanting experience, please reach out to us at the provided contact details.

Guest Privacy As an associate member of The Inner Magic Circle, Sav is bound by a sacred oath of secrecy. Superyacht owners and charter guests can rest assured that their yacht's privacy is paramount during parties and special events.
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